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UPF Commands For STA

Description: Basic UPF commands to run MVA (Multi-Voltage Analysis) in STA tool.

Lets first Create port, create net, connect nets

create_supply_port gnd
create_supply_net gnd
connect_supply_net gnd -ports gnd 
create_supply_port VDD_1
create_supply_net VDD_1
connect_supply_net VDD_1 -ports VDD_1

In below command we are connecting power and ground to the supply nets created above.

create_supply_set SS_VDD_1 -function {power VDD_1} -function {ground gnd}

Create and assign elements to power domains

create_power_domain PD_VDD_1 -supply {primary SS_VDD_1} -elements { A/B/C* D/E* }

Connect specific power pins to a specific domain

connect_supply_net VDD_1 -ports [find_objects . -object_type port -direction in -transitive true -pattern "*PowerPin1*"]

Override the voltage value on a pg_pin of a cell

set_voltage -cell <INST_1> -pg_pin_name <PowerPin1> <VDD_1_Voltage_value>

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