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Differences Between Master Clock, Generated Clock, and Virtual Clock

Term Definition Purpose PrimeTime Command(s) for Clock Generation
Master Clock The primary clock signal that drives the sequential elements in a design. Provides the timing reference for the entire design and synchronizes the operation of all sequential elements. N/A (typically specified as an input to PrimeTime)
Generated Clock A derived clock signal generated from the master clock using clock dividers, phase-locked loops (PLLs), etc. Used to operate specific blocks or modules in a design that require a different frequency or phase relationship. create_generated_clock, derive_pll_clock
Virtual Clock A logical clock representation used for timing analysis that may not have a direct physical counterpart. Helps model the behavior of paths where there is no direct clock signal, such as asynchronous or combinational paths. N/A (virtual clocks are defined within the SDC constraints)

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